Friday, 17 August 2012

Are Toluna Gifties 'real' or not ?.

Toluna have launched a new rewards system called 'Gifties'. Each Giftie is purchased using the points you have earned from surveys etc. The only thing is, not all Gifties are, or will ever, become real.
An awful lot of them have purple stars on the Giftie. This denotes that they 'may become real'. Trouble is, you won't know until you have actually spent your hard-earned points on them. At that point, you get to find-out if they are real or not.
So far, I have found that a cup of tea and a pint of beer are reel along with an umbrella (yet to receive) and a beach ball (again, not received yet). However, the expensive stuff such as the 'Dr Dre Beats headphones' are not real.

I for one, will continue to investigate whether or not Gifties are a good thing, or if they are simply designed to get you to spend all your points on stuff that only exists in the virtual world.

Why would Toluna want to have so many 'non-existant' Gifties ?. Well, as you are spending points directly with Toluna on stuff that is not real and so costs them nothing, it allows Toluna to recoup points from their users without actually costing them a penny, unlike other gifts such as rewards vouchers.

I will be trawling the net on the look-out for others who are discovering for themselves which Gifties are real and which don't exist and warning you about them.


Linda Rautenbach said...


Anonymous said...

I am personally still questioning wheter Toluna Gifties exist to begin with.
Won a 58-piece toolset almost month ago, yet to receive it.

The Snakeman said...

Proves my point.

Jennifer Ritchie said...

i have spent most of my points about 1500 on gifties and all were not real even the sheep , :(

bbcalimomma said...

What a shame.. Damn scammers